Bible Studies

Susan was Born Again in 1974, and studied the Bible ever since. During that time she was inspired to produce innumerable Bible Studies, and this is a collection of five she gave permission to be reproduced here.

Susan retained all rights to these materials, but she encouraged anyone who wanted to copy and distribute them as they please.

(1) A Right Premise; Your Basis of Faith

(2) Grace; The Word of God

(3) Know the Old Man, The Carnal Man

(4) The Family of God

(5) Discipleship

Susan would like to thank Ian Garrott for his gracious offer of assistance keying in these Bible Studies. His time and effort have allowed us to get these up and posted much quicker than we would have been able to otherwise.

Susan's Born Again experience was the basis of her 1977 book, "Child of Satan, Child of God." (The title was not Susan's idea or her choice.) The book has been republished and is now available at (See the "Books" section of this website)

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